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제24회 서울국제미술제(SIAF) 2017
제24회 서울국제미술제(SIAF) 2017 ▶개최요강 다운로드 (KOREA)▶SUMMARY DOWN LOAD (ENGLISH) 2017 서울국제미술제를 개최함에 따라 아래와 같이 일정이 진행됩니다. 참고로, 개최요강..
Seoul International Art Festival
         Seoul International Art Festival                   ..
Harmony in Art
Harmony in Art   -Eva Fellner-  Harmony in music as well as art is a combination of similar elements that please our eyes orears due to their combination. This is a pleas..
The Eternal Tao
The Eternal Tao: Immanent History, Reality, and Methodology in Contemporary Art in China   -Pi Daojian-     I. What is the Eternal Tao   The “eternal Tao” dis..
2014 World Youth Art Exhibition
       2014 World Youth Art Exhibition                     &..
International Art Symposium
International Art Symposium